3rd June 1896 - 7th October 1918

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Tony Middleditch, attending the Parish of Saint Michael's and All Angels since 1951,

talks about Predendary Denison's importance to the Parish, "Everybody looked back to Denison"

"As an undergraduate he remembers fearfully knocking on Dr.Pusey's have his confession heard, but the only way to do it was to have advertised times for confession and it was he who set up the confessional here"

The Prebendary was put under episcopal boycott for eleven years!

"He hadn't been here very long when... the whole of the centre floor of the nave collapsed!"

"I would say Father Denison

was the most important... Father Denison said there was no point in doing things half heartedly! If you had high mass it was high mass and he said 'have it every Sunday!'"

"He enlarged the sanctuary for high mass"